Friday, May 17, 2013

Alone with a Ghost

21 days. He will be graduated and living on his own. 21days.

21 days. I will be living alone for the first time in my 40ish years. Just 3 weeks away.

To bear the undeniable sadness (pride) this event is going to cause, I've come up with a list of things that I plan on doing.

Usually I head for the coast. I am kind of a beachy girl. But this just intrigued me. Here goes, I am going to sound crazy, but I have had an experience before that I 'think' was supernatural.

I was staying with a friend in an old 1800's farm house. It was her family home. It was beautiful and filled with antiques. Every corner of the house held a deep history of a time long gone. There was a barn with sheep, horses and some chickens. I have visited here before to pick blueberries, but only for the day.

I was sleeping in an upper room and I dreamed that 'something' was coming out of the wall right behind the head of the bed. Suddenly, the bed started shaking. Hard. I am not sure if I was dreaming it or not, but I do know that as I was waking up and yelling for my friend, I still felt the bed shaking. It wasn't until I heard her running down the hall, asking if I was alright, that it stopped. I mentioned something about a bad dream and she said, "We get that here a lot."

The next morning we were chatting over coffee and I told her my dream. Especially the part about the wall behind my bed. She said the room I was in used to be a maids quarters and there was at one time a staircase behind that wall. She also told me that even as a girl things were never right there.

Well, I am not sure what I believe. I am not sure if that was a dream or what. I do know that I am anxious to see if anything turns up at the B&B. Or if I will just have a few days relaxation after 22 years of parenting. 

More of the list later. Do YOU believe?

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