Saturday, May 4, 2013

One Fall at a Time

I hike. I take pictures (bad ones, remember). I discover new trails and waterfalls. Today I went to Houston Brook Falls. It was quite a drive to get there. The hike was only about 1/4 mile into the falls. I left my ipod in the car.

When I hike I like to listen to music so I wasn't sure I wanted to leave my iPod behind. But I could hear the falls from my car and they just soothed this soul that is aching and breaking everyday. My children will all be moved out in a matter of weeks. I am single and about to be alone for the first time in my life.

As I move into the forest, the sounds of the water gushing over ancient rocks to a pool 35 feet below gets louder. I am slightly disappointed because I thought the hike would be a long one. But I was in for a surprise.

This is such a magical place, there is no one else here but me.

The mossy rocks remind me of hobbits. I love discovering what is out there for me to find!

I hate crossing bridges and this one looked a little iffy. 

Pure beauty. I wondered if this waterfall had been here since the earth was new. If it had changed course somehow to flow over the rocky formation. I know how water smooths rock and wondered how smooth the rocks under the falls were. There was too much force for me to find out today (besides, the water was freezing). After spring, when the rivers run a little drier, I want to come back here and find out. I walked up a little higher and sat for a while. Breathing the beauty of this little treasure in.

Just me. Sometimes it takes realizing how insignificant I am to realize that all my worries and fears can simply be washed away by the glorious-ness of the world that surrounds me.

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